Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk is back to his best and has been for months, with suggestions that he is not far from the reality.

That’s according to journalist Sjoerd Mossou, who has backed the Liverpool defender and hit out at those criticising him.

Van Dijk has faced criticism over the last few months, with some questioning whether he will ever get back to the level he once reached.

The Netherlands star has been battling to get back to his best his best for Liverpool since returning from a cruciate ligament rupture in his knee sufferance in October 2020.

That saw him spend 254 days out injured and miss 57 games for club and country but considerably more time on the pitch and in training looking to regain his former levels.

That’s an unenviable task given the heights he had hit for Liverpool previously, when many were labelling him the best defender in the world and potentially one of the best, if not the best, of all time.

Some have claimed that he is nowhere near that point and never will be, but Mossou does not accept that and has moved to defend the Reds star.

“Last Sunday I was at the Liverpool game. I often watch Premier League matches, so it was not completely new, but Van Dijk played really great. He was excellent. It has been that way for weeks, months,” he said.

“He had a difficult start to the season. But in terms of level of play, he is top, which is also evident from the statistics.

“He is really at the top everywhere when it comes to winning headers and not being dribbled past. It really makes no sense that a myth has arisen in the Netherlands that he is on his last legs.

“I have sometimes discussed that difference in approach between England and the Netherlands with him. He now shrugs it off.”