Facing Liverpool in the Europa League, Toulouse weren’t expected to walk away with three points, but that’s exactly what they did.

The French club beat Jürgen Klopp’s men 3-2 in a wild game where VAR played a great part in destroying the nerves of all involved.

That includes Toulouse’s captain, Vincent Sierro, who spoke to Génération After on RMC Sport, relayed by Les Violets, who was asked about the game against Liverpool.

The midfielder made it clear the whole club were ‘very proud’ of what they achieved, and the aim for them is to get out of the group.

However, what Sierro wanted to talk more about was Liverpool’s last minute goal that was cancelled out by VAR, which had the entire stadium holding their breath.

He said: “It was a rollercoaster. In the moment, I clearly see MacAllister’s hand, and so did the whole stadium. When they scored, we all called for handball. I honestly felt it was going to be cancelled out, but when I saw they accepted it… We were all crushed. He finally went to see VAR, and after it was cancelled, it was more than a goal. It meant victory.”

Following that victory, Toulouse travelled to Lille, where they drew 1-1, showing that football is a game of moments, and a win against a Premier League side can quickly be cancelled out by a poorer performance.

Still, it’s a moment that entire team will cherish for a very long time.