On Tuesday it was announced that Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli would be effectively be banned for seven months.

He and his representatives had reached a type of plea bargain with the Italian authorities after charges relating to gambling on illegal websites.

The ban was a total of 12 months, but with five passed over to alternative punishment.

Newcastle United’s Sandro Tonali wasn’t thought to be set to get as harsh a punishment unless he bet on his own clubs, AC Milan or Newcastle United.

Wednesday’s edition of Gazzetta della Sport unfortunately brings bad news in that regard, saying the Newcastle player bet on Milan matches. However, it’s stated those bets didn’t have an influence on the outcome of matches so it’s unlikely a sporting fraud case will be brought.

The bets were for Milan to win or on matches in which Tonali didn’t play.

According to the Italian newspaper, Tonali has confessed everything, wanting to get it all out there, and it’s thought he’s facing a 12 month ban.

That’s only because he’s cooperating, otherwise it’s stated the Newcastle man could have received three to fours years.

To be clear, it’s thought Tonali’s ban could be longer than the seven months (12, of which 5 suspended/alternative) given to Fagioli, with Gazzetta stating: ‘The starting sanction will be higher than the three years (minimum sentence for those who bet on football) requested for Fagioli and therefore the 7 months of disqualification plus 5 of alternative punishment cannot be achieved.’