Spending three years at Leeds United between 2014 and 2017, Marco Silvestri eventually returned to Italy at Hellas Verona, where he eventually established himself as a regular goalkeeper in Serie A.

He is now at Udinese, where he was recently voted the best player of last season, and has tried to continue this form into the current campaign.

The 32-year-old was present on Monday at a ceremony where he was awarded a trophy for his achievement, which is when he also brought up his time at Leeds briefly, as relayed by Trivenete Goal.

During his acceptance speech, he was asked about the Italian ‘goalkeeping school’, with many greats over the years hailing from that particular country.

He said: “We know it is always a certainty, in the top teams, there are many Italian goalkeepers. At Leeds, I had a beautiful and formative experience, but I missed Italy a lot.”

Silvestri went on to play 98 times for Leeds United over the course of his three years at the club, conceding 123 goals and keeping 23 clean sheets.

These quotes are a bit of a contrast to what Silvestri has had to say about his time at Elland Road in the past, previously stating that he felt the seasons felt like they would ‘never end’, and that he ‘struggled a lot’ there.