Known for it’s role in the industrial revolution and as the birthplace of rugby league, Huddersfield has many qualities. It seems, though, bread is not one of them.

Now, this is not something we’ve had any personal experience of but there’s no smoke without fire and we’ve seen smoke on more than one occasion.

For example, back in September 2019 we covered quotes from former Huddersfield Town defender Erik Durm, who was left seriously unimpressed with the bread situation during his time at the club.

Speaking to Frankfurter Allgemeine he explained how he ‘only ate toast for a year’ but there was ‘no bread in the end’ and how he had missed ‘getting fresh bread’ in the morning.

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The suggestion from him was that the bread situation, or the skills of the bakeries, in Huddersfield wasn’t great, at least compared to what’s happening on the bread scene back in Germany.

The comments were the sort of throwaway ones that you have a laugh about a move on from but it seem there’s a real bread emergency going on.

BILD have an interview with Christopher Schindler today, in which he details his own struggles with bread.

He’s set to leave Huddersfield and return to Germany this summer, something he’s seemingly very happy about because he can finally get decent bread rolls again.

Under a title ‘Schindler is happy about rolls’, the newspaper details how he can ‘buy real rolls again’ after his time in England.

“The closeness to home is what my wife and I have lost the most in the last five years,” he told them.

“That’s why it’s really nice to be able to go to the bakery in the morning again and buy rolls. Even something like that wasn’t possible on the island.”

Schindler doesn’t detail why this wasn’t possible in the UK, but from his comments and Durm’s, the best we can deduce is there is an extreme shortage of bakeries in Huddersfield.

Or alternatively, this is all some huge inside joke that we’re really not getting. Either way, if we were the Terriers, we’d consider opening a bakery, or at least getting a baker into the club to keep any potential future German signings happy.