Over the summer, one of the strange stories in the French media was that of Younousse Sankharé and his potential sacking from Bordeaux.

The midfielder, who was reportedly a target for both Cardiff City and Sheffield United, saw himself pushed to one side by new manager Paulo Sousa, and then barred from entering the club’s premises entirely after the Ligue 1 side announced those fringe players would be allowed to return.

A meeting with the club and a lawyer ensued, and the wide belief was he would have his contracted rescinded, but that has yet to happen.

In fact, both Sankharé and Bordeaux are set to appear in front of the French league’s legal committee to potentially find a financial compromise that would see both parties part ways, according to 20 Minutes.

The Ligue 1 club are accusing their player of many things, including him having an operation for beard implants after a loss to Paris Saint-Germain in February.

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He asked the club if he could stay around to undergo the procedure, and, according to him, got permission.

However, a few days later, he turned up to training all ‘bundled up’ and didn’t play for the next month. 

The reasons as to why are unclear, but, according to 20 Minutes, Bordeaux are adamant they didn’t allow him to get beard implants.

Furthermore, Bordeaux accuse him of ‘unjustified training absences’ as well as ‘bad behaviour’ through his complicated relationship with Paulo Sousa.

Either way, it could end up that Cardiff City and Sheffield United, if they still are interested, find themselves with the possibility of signing him on a free in the near future to bolster the teams at Cardiff City Stadium and Bramall Lane.

Then again, we’ll have to see if Neil Warnock and Chris Wilder will still want him with all these problems as potential baggage that could disrupt their squads.